AG电竞官网:Last Friday morning, SpaceX launched its 15th cargo mission to the International Space Station for NASA, sending up nearly 6,000 pounds of supplies on top of its Falcon 9 rocket.当地时间上周五上午,SpaceX第15次为美国宇航局继续执行向国际空间站载运给养的任务,利用“猎鹰9号”火箭为国际空间站送到了近6000磅物资。On board the vehicle are shipments of food and water for the six astronauts living on the ISS, as well as new science experiments and technologies to be tested out in microgravity.除了为生活在国际空间站的6名航天员送到的食物和水以外,这次升空的还有一些必须在微重力环境下测试的新的科学实验和技术。And within that haul includes the first ever AI robot crew member to live on the station.其中还包括首个将在国际空间站上生活的人工智能机器人“航天员”。The robots name is CIMON — for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion — and it looks a bit like a volleyball with a computer screen onAG电竞App下载 one side.这款机器人取名为“CIMON”(航天员交互式移动伴侣),看上去类似于一个侧面装有计算机显示屏的排球。



The screen displays a simplified cartoon face that the bot will use to interact with the humans on the ISS.显示屏上是一张修改了的动漫脸,机器人将利用它与国际空间站上的航天员交流。And to maneuver around, CIMON is equipped with 14 internal fans that propel the white ball, by sucking in the stations air and expelling it to move in whatever direction it needs.为了构建权利休息,CIMON内部装有了14个风扇,通过排出空间站的空气然后再行排出来,推展白球行进,从而抵达它必须去的方向。Airbus developed CIMON for Germanys national space agency, and the goal is to see whether intelligent bots can cooperate with astronauts to simplify work life in space.CIMON是由空客公司为德国航天局研发的,目的是理解智能机器人能否与航天员合作,从而给他们在太空的工作和生活带给便捷。