AG电竞官网_A Dutch artist and designer has come up with a device he hopes will suck pollutants from Beijings smog-cloaked skies, creating columns of clean air for the citys surgical-mask wearing residents.一位荷兰艺术家兼任设计师发明者了一种装置,他期望借以装置需要为北京烟雾弥漫的天空清理污垢,为那些戴着口罩的北京市民建构新鲜的空气。An electromagnetic field generated by copper coils will pull airborne particles in the smog to the ground where they can be easily cleaned.通过铜线圈生产的电磁场可以将飘浮于烟尘中的颗粒物导电到地面上,很只能的被清扫整洁。Its like when you have a balloon which has static (electricity) and your hair goes toward it. Same with the smog, says artist Daan Roosegaarde.荷兰艺术家戴恩·罗素格地说道,“就样子如果你有一个带上静电的气球,头发就不会被气球导电一样。

烟尘也不会被导电。”His studio has reached an agreement with the Beijing government to test the technology in one of the capitals parks.他的工作室早已和北京政府签定了协议,容许他在北京的一处公园中测试这项技术。With its skies regularly shrouded by filthy gray smog, Beijing this week unveiled a series of emergency measures to tackle the problem.北京的天空经常被灰色的污秽烟尘覆盖面积,这一周内,北京早已数次公布了空气污染红色预警。Roosegaarde says an indoor prototype has already proven it works and is confident the results — with the help of a team of scientists and engineers — can be replicated outside.罗素格地说道,他早已在室内展开过模型试验,证明这个方法有效地。

他有信心,在一组科学家和工程师团队的合作之下,这一装置在室外也某种程度有效地。Beijing is quite good because the smog is quite low, its in a valley so theres not so much wind. Its a good environment to explore this kind of thing.“北京的地形和气候条件都很合适。空中的烟尘高度很低,而且它地处谷地,空气流动性不强劲。

这种地形气候条件很合适测试该装置。”Well be able to purify the air and the challenge is to get the top of the smog so you can see the sun again.“我们可以净化空气,但确实的挑战在于,要将烟尘清理完全,重见天日。”Roosegaarde acknowledges that projects like this are a way of drawing attention to the problem, rather than a viable solution to Beijings dire air pollution.罗兰格地否认,这种致力于净化空气的工程更好的是想要 强化人们对环境问题的推崇,使人们更好的注目切实有效的净化空气的方案,而某种程度是有可能有效地的管理空气污染的方案。

This is not the real answer for smog. The real answer has to do with clean cars, different industry and different lifestyles.“这不是根治烟尘的方法。根治烟尘的方法是环保汽车、改变工业结构和改变生活方式。”However, he hopes the project will make a radical statement by allowing the citys residents to realize the difference between breathing clean and smog-filled air.但同时,他期望这项空气净化工程需要给市民们敲响警钟,使他们意识到洁净空气和污秽空气之间的差异。